Cleopatra and Her Chariot Plebs

Ari is a glutton for adrenaline. She has a need for speed and I have a feeling she will soon be on the go (crawling, scooting or something in between).  When my husband and I take her for our nightly walk, she perks right up.  If we decide to go at a leisurely pace, she reclines and places one or both feet up on the little cup holder tray on the front of the stroller. When she commits to something she does it wholeheartedly. If she is going to relax.. she is going to do it right. However, the opposite is true as well.  If (on the rare occasion) we want to take a jog, she sits straight up–with the best possible posture. She even takes it upon herself to be the head honcho, the alpha female, the queen bee, the mob boss, or POTUS –whatever you want to call it.  It makes no difference to us as long as you know she runs the show: she slaps the tray and urges us on with high pitched screams and squeals–akin to whipping the horses of a chariot. It’s Ari’s world; we’re just living in it.

-A&I + Daddy


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