Language Barrier

Ariessa is half Filipina. I hope that one day she will be fluent in both English and Kapampangan (a dialect in the Philippines). Her Lola and Lolo (grandparents on Daddy’s side) speak to her in both languages and she really connects to them. Nobody can teach her new “tricks” like they can! That being said, my daughter and I have already experienced a language barrier.

One day I noticed she knew how to blow kisses and it was the most adorable thing ever. However, she would never do it after I asked–begged really: “Ari, show grandma how you can blow a kiss!” “Ari, can you blow kisses to daddy?” “Ari, please blow a kiss.” Not only did she not do the requested action, but her face was void of any recognition–as if she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about! Nobody believed that she could!

Recently, Ari was hanging out with Lola in the other room when lo and behold I hear: “Baby, do a plying kees” which was quickly followed with an “awww, good girl!” My husband and I start cracking up as we begin to realize what had happened. I walk over to see her blowing kisses left and right! Lola taught her the motion, but to them it was a “flying kiss”! Now, I’ve altered my vocabulary to include their term and I love it. I guess it’s never too late to teach an old English major new tricks!

*Sending flying kisses* -Ari & I